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We Heart Houston Landmark

Hey Houston! If you're looking for an HVAC contractor that prioritizes your comfort and your budget, look no further because we have good news - Adams Air is Houston's premier air conditioning and heating repair services! We're a local, family-owned and operated small buisness that takes a different approach to air conditioning service because we value our clients and their needs. Our family business strives to earn your long-term commitment and trust by putting your comfort and budget first for all of your HVAC projects. Simply put: We are a small family-operated residential and commercial HVAC service company that provides world-class service at affordable, family-operated prices that Houstonians deserve.

How do we do it? Since we are a small family-operated local business we keep our overhead and expenses low by doing just about everything ourselves which allows us to extend our savings to our clients without sacrificing any of our outstanding services. When you choose Adams Air you deal directly with an Adams family member at every phase of your project which allows us to deliver our personalized and family-operated services at rates you're not going to find anywhere else. From answering the phones and servicing your equipment, to maintaining our vehicles and building this website along with our free HVAC diagnostics android apps - Our family is passionate about HVAC, sharing HVAC information, and fostering an HVAC learning environment.

Adams Air was not only created to provide HVAC repairs but to increase homeowner awareness of their mechanical HVAC equipment and the heat transfer process as a means to further the HVAC field and it's technologies while also eliminate price-gouging that often occurs in the HVAC trade. We are HVAC license TACLB9265E, the 9265th licensed HVAC contractor in Texas, and today with license numbers well over 80,000 we have witnessed the birth and growth of the HVAC trade in Texas into what it has become today as well as how frequently homeowners are being taken advantage of by HVAC corporations. Our goal has always been to raise homeowner awareness, eliminate the negative connotation that HVAC contractors have been dubbed and further the field by sharing knowledge and providing results at unbeatable prices. We believe that 80% of HVAC issues come from lack of homeowner awareness and we feel homeowners should be able to solve and could have prevented such issues themselves if they were only aware of how their HVAC system operates. Our open approach to HVAC includes sharing that knowledge while still providing licensed HVAC services where environmental regulation and law require it. Our website, our apps, and our approach allow homeowners to understand and learn about their HVAC equipment so they can maintain their air conditioning equipment themselves, prevent future repairs, and become aware of the HVAC process and investment that is apart of the home they own so they can make better informed choices and hopefully share what they are passionate about as well.

We love to fix things and repairing your system is always an option, so if you have received a quote from someone else to replace your equipment and you would rather get it repaired, feel free to give us a call. If you're in the market for a new AC unit or you want to add, upgrade, or replace equipment we can do that too and we also offer both commercial and residential HVAC maintenance packages. We know Houston's climate because we have lived here and serviced this area for 2 generations so we know what Houston's hot and humid environment demands from AC equipment every year. Our family knows every home is different, every application is different, every budget is different, so every solution is different, and we're confident we can provide the service you deserve at a price you can afford because we want your business for as long as you call Houston home and we're going to treat you that way.

Our services extend from air conditioning and heating to air purification, indoor humidity control, ventilation and everything in between. We've provided solutions to some of the toughest indoor climate-control challenges Houston homes and businesses have been faced with - If it's Houston HVAC related we're confident we can supply the results your looking to achieve so come see the family-operated difference with Adams Air Conditioning.

How it all started

Tough decisions My venture into air conditioning started over 30 years ago in a hospital room repairing some lighting for a patient whose recovery room had suddenly gone dark. At the time I was working as a building maintenance technician for a hospital when my boss dispatched me the service order to go and repair the lights in a patient's recovery room because they had suddenly stop working and he was complaining to the Hospital staff. This was my job and my day was constantly full of these types of issues so I quickly picked up my tools proceeded to this patient room to solve the problem and get the lights back on. Upon opening the door I find a ornery old man laying in his hospital bed in the dark, cursing like a sailor and making it very clear just how disappointed he was with the quality of service in the Hospital's recovery rooms. We got to talking as I was fixing his problem with the lights and I immediately liked the old man and his extreme honesty and his audacity. He told me he happened to be a proud small business owner of a local HVAC company and after I got his lights turned back on he said, "Hey, you know you should stop wasting your time on this hospital maintenance mess and come work for me. What do think about becoming an AC tech? I'll train you and teach you everything you need to know and put you to work!". Soon after that I resigned from the hospital maintenance staff and started my new career path down the road to air conditioning and heating. The hours we're long and filled with hard work, hot attics and crawl spaces, but I soon learned the techniques of the trade and shortly after I was promoted from a helper position to an actual HVAC technician and was given my own service vehicle and began servicing people all over Houston.

Choices ahead It was a great job, I really enjoyed working for the old man and he taught me a lot, but unfortunately a couple years later his health would finally catch up with him and he was forced to sell his business off and spend what little time he had left with his family. His company was soon purchased and the large corporation that bought up his business took over and quickly implemented their new rules and a new and different approach to everything the old man had previously established (and taught me), including new (higher) prices and a new way of treating customers. After working for the newly bought-out company for a couple more years I grew increasingly frustrated with their new methods of which I didn't seem to agree with, which in a nutshell were: Make as much money as you can off your customers the first time and expect no repeat business from the same customer ever again. They changed their way of paying us from a flat hourly rate to a commission only based pay and they also pumped a lot of money into marketing and advertising. We soon found ourselves surrounded by all kinds of sales associates and sales trainers that forced us through tedious sales classes every week where we would role-play different scenarios with customers on how to make more sales and push HVAC equipment at every service call we were tasked to and what to say to customers and how to say it. I didn't like it. I guess their logic came from the fact that at the time Houston had already become "the AC capital of the world" and there were (and still are) so many AC companies out there to choose from that they had decided it was best to "get in and get out" because there was so much competition for people to pick from and basically looked at their newly acquired business, as well as it's customers and employees, as some sort of investment that had to be taken advantage of. The bottom line was my employers didn't care about their newly acquired clients or their newly acquired employees. As technicians we were constantly graded by our newly appointed managers on how much equipment we sold at our jobs, our pay was based off how much equipment we sold at our jobs, and the guys who we're selling the most got more work and guys who didn't sell found themselves at home without work during the week worrying about their careers. We were always taught to steer customers away from making any repairs and to always try to sell replacement equipment instead. Maybe that's why HVAC technicians have also acquired the bad and misleading reputation they still have today? I blame it all on that very ideology.

Truth Whatever the cause for the bad reputation, I became really tired of letting people down, not being allowed to solve their problems and having to face that negative connotation every time an old (or new) customer opened their door to let me in and while they are desperately needing help I soon had to drop a new and hefty price tag for our services and new equipment. It just didn't feel right and it didn't work well with my personality and many customers that the old man had been servicing for years took their business elsewhere due to these new changes after his business was bought out. Some people started to ask if I had ever thought of starting my own AC business because they enjoyed my approach to their problems and my time - 'Hmm' I thought. So soon after that I learned that my wife and I would be bringing a baby boy into this world and I guess that was the tipping point for me and my decision to branch out and do things the right way again and on my own.

Integrity I knew my soon to be born son was going to require more out of me in every way and coupled with coming home late every single night and feeling like I wasn't doing the right thing by treating people the way that company was teaching us to, I took some days off went up to Austin and took the Texas air conditioning contractors test to get my very own license so I could start my own business and get back to doing things the right way. Unfortunately I had no clue what I was getting into and didn't study and failed the test, who knew this AC stuff was all math and not hot attics and hard work like I had been used to? Determined to get my own show on the road I enrolled in a few short academic and trade classes at the local Houston Community College and learned about the side of HVAC I was never exposed to and wasn't familiar with including all the mathematical formulas and engineering topics the state requires you to know in order to pass their HVAC contractors test and get an HVAC contractors license. I studied and studied for a couple months and went back to Austin and took the test again. I waited for the results to come in the mail and this time when I received a letter from the state it was to inform me that I passed the test and there it was, my very own HVAC contractors license!

I can do it. After that, I quit the other job working for the bigger company that had bought out the old man's business and I went out and opened my own doors. It was a big risk, and it was a hard struggle at first and with my son about to be born I often wondered if I had made a mistake, but something inside told me to not give up. I knew I had to tough it out and keep on trying no matter how hard the struggles and obstacles became because I knew I was doing the right thing and there was no way I was going back to corporate HVAC companies, sales courses, and sleepless nights. Needless to say my pregnant wife and I sacrificed a lot but we kept on. Being a new company, customers were hard to come by, Houston has one of the largest HVAC markets due to it's extreme climate so there are tons of other AC companies I had to compete with and I didn't have the income to invest in all the advertising like other established outfits had but I knew my approach was different and I knew people would appreciate what I had to offer and as a new business owner I valued every client I gained and gave every effort I had to solving their problems and it meshed well with my personality like it had before. People would say that and they appreciated my extra efforts and fair prices and willingness to fix things when no one else would and it reminded me of the old man who had now passed and taught me HVAC so many years ago. Once again at the end of the day I felt really good about what I was doing and helping people the way I wanted and treating them the way they deserved to be treated again and I knew I had made the right choice. Needless to say I slept a lot better at night knowing that. I ended up acquiring many of the customers that I had dealt with over the years when I was working for the old man and the bought-out version of his company because they appreciated that honest approach to their problems and coupled with my new fair prices my business was born, along with my son, who I eventually taught the air conditioning trade and still works at Adams Air to this day with a family of his own. And that's really how it all started. It sounds cliche but Adams Air was built through hard work, determination, honesty and doing the right thing, and it's still exactly what we deliver here at Adams Air, every customer, every time.

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