Prioritizing Houston Furnace and Heating System Maintenance.

Techncian checking a heating system Houston winters may be short and sudden but when the cold weather finally sets in you can trust Adams Air to provide the safe and preventative actions you and your heating system deserve. We know Houston's climate and our heating maintenance services and furnace tune-ups ensure your heating system is performing both safely and optimally. Did you know your furnace plays a major role in your cooling system's operation too? Our heating system inspections and tune-ups not only make sure your furnace is going last through Houston's cold winter months, but meet up to the tough demands of Houston's hot and humid summers as well. Some of the heating maintenance services we offer include:

  •  Houston Heating Maintenance
  •  Gas Furnace Maintenance Tune-Ups
  •  Electric Air Handler Maintenance Tune-Ups
  •  Heat Pump Maintenance Tune-Ups
  •  Ductless Mini-Split Heating Maintenance Tune-Ups
  •  Planned Heating Maintenance Service Agreements

Tech performing annual heater maintenance Our in-depth heating maintenance services and heating tune-ups are available for both residential and commercial heating scenarios, and are also offered as seasonal or planned maintenance agreements where our heating maintenance technicians automatically visit and attend to your heating maintenance throughout the year.

No matter how small or large your Houston heating maintenance needs are, Adams Air provides the preventative actions and piece of mind you and your heating system deserve year in and year out.

Why choose Adams Air for your Heating System Maintenance?

Adams Air Conditioning Service Van For over 30 years we've been keeping Houston and the surrounding areas comfortable, cozy and safe by providing our clients with outstanding preventative maintenance programs and exceptional heating maintenance service. Adams Air is a Houston family operated HVAC company with 2 generations of experience providing Houston families and businesses with personalized heating maintenance, indoor heating solutions and more. We’re Houstonians too and know how Texas weather demands high performance out of our heating systems every year and personally specialize in providing preventative heating maintenance programs and tune-ups that ensure Houston furnaces are going to stand up to the peak demands of Texas' tough climate.

When you partner with the Adams Air team, we put your comfort first, every client, every time. We want to be your premier HVAC company and your number one choice for heating maintenance, heating tune-ups, planned preventative maintenance agreements and more. If you're in need of a heating maintenance contractor in or around Houston, we hope you’ll choose Adams Air. We offer residential and commercial heating maintenance agreements at competitive prices and work to exceed your comfort expectations in every way by providing:

  • Scheduled or Same Day Heating Maintenance
  • Family Owned and Operated Prices
  • Air Filter Replacement Services
  • Discounted Repairs with our Maintenance Contracts
  • Superior 24/7 Support

The benefits of Furnace Maintenance.

Technician Inspecting a Gas Furnace Furnace maintenance ensures our furnaces are functioning both optimally and safely. - Like our vehicles, our furnaces operate more efficiently, safely, and last longer when they are properly maintained. Generally heating maintenance is performed at least once a year and involves testing a furnace's safety functions and verifying their operation, as well as making any minor repairs and adjustments to a system to prepare it for the coming winter months.

Rest assured when you have your heating system maintained by Adams Air you're benefiting your home or business by ensuring your furnaces safety and by preventing:

Premature Repairs

Major Breakdowns

Unsafe Conditions

Gas Leaks

Coolant Leaks

Poor Air Quality

Shorted Lifespan

Unnecessary Costs

Water Leaks

Our Furnace Maintenance Check List and Process.

At Adams Air our family of heating technicians will keep your heating system safe and in top-notch shape and provide you with a detailed inspection report completely out-lining the health and safety of your heating system from the inside out and ensuring its reliability and safety for your piece of mind by performing the following heating system tests and procedures:

Heating Tune Up Inspection Report

Service About
Gas Leak Test Inspect furnace for any gas leaks and test gas valve pressure safety functions.
Carbon Monoxide Test Inspect furnace exhaust ventilation system for leaks. Test for carbon monoxide levels. Test and confirm proper operation of exhaust motor and ventilation safety pressure switches.
Flame Safety Test Inspect furnace ignition system. Clean burner assembly of any debris. Test flame roll-out safety switches for operation.
Heat Limit Test Inspect furnace heat limit safetys. Test heat limit system and ensure it responds properly and safely shuts the heating system down.
Furnace Safety Check Test and confirm all furnace safety components properly shut down the furnace in case of a malfunction.
Heat Strip Test Inspect furnace heat strips. Confirm proper electrical operation of heat strips.
Heat Exchanger Test Inspect furnace heat exchanger for cracks which could leak carbon monoxide.
Blower Motor Test Inspect furnace blower motor and wheel. Clean wheel of any debris and confirm proper electrical operation of motor in all speeds. Replace air filters and motor belts if applicable.
Heat Exchanger Test Inspect furnace heat exchanger for cracks which could leak carbon monoxide.
Heat Pump Refrigerant Check Inspect Heat Pump refrigerant levels and confirm proper operation of heat and emergency heating components.
Heat Transfer Test Confirm proper heat exchange across heating system.
Ductwork and Air Flow Test Inspect for and repair any minor ductwork issues. Confirm proper static pressure.
Evaporator Check Inspect Evaporator Coil for Debris.
Thermostat and Control's Test Inspect and test all control options for all available heating functions.

Turn to the Heating Maintenance Experts.

Technician checking a heater Adams Air representatives are available 7 days a week to answer any of your heating maintenance questions or concerns. We offer competitive rates for residential and commercial maintenance agreements for any of your Heating needs. Our heating system tune-ups and inspection services ensure your system is running at its optimal factory efficiency specifications and provide you with the piece of mind ensuring your system's safety and performance during the peak demands of Houston's chilly winters. If you have any questions or wish to schedule a heating tune-up, call us at 281 375 2011 or use the contact form below and we'll give you a call back.

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